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Media & Ed-Tech


Electrical Engineering

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 July 2020 - Sept 2022
Senior Creative Associate | Media 
Web   :
Office : Byju's, 2nd Floor, Tower D, IBC Knowledge Park

                 4/1, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore- 560029

Working area:
Pre-Production  -
Scripting, Story boarding and ideation.
Post-Production - Editing raw footage, Creating animation and artwork, Designing Animatics 



Awards received

Experience Letter




Industrial Summer Internship
Vocational Training

May- June 2019

Project Guide: Shri. Purvesh Doshi

Project Title: Design Analysis of Substation and optimization in the maintenance of electrical equipment

Industry section: Neptha Cracking 


  • Learned and handled different fault situation occurred in plant i.e. LL fault, LG fault, DC fault.

  • Performed Transformer and Induction motor’s routine check and worked for system failure design.

  • Analyzed entire substation design for protection relays and power electronics component stand for Neptha cracking plant and simulated in Etap software to know power consumption requirements.


Research Summer Internship
at NIT, Surat

May- July 2018

Project Guide: Dr. Aanad D. Darji  (HOD at ECED, NIT Surat)

Project: Brain Computing Interface for motor imagery signal

  • Designed data acquisition circuit for BCI data collection

  • Processed Collected data using Fourier transform and Digital Filter to remove noise and unwanted artefacts from data. Coded in python & compatible on raspberry-pi

  • Expanded as startup opportunity in IICDC 2018. Market research and Market Potential was carried out and peripheral was designed as an interconnected user network.  Received quarterfinalist title in the competition.

The project was presented in IICDC 2018 and also presented in the seminar at NIT, Surat 2019 Under the guidance of Shri. Janak J. Patel. Here I have attached the seminar report as well.

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