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Training & Placement


NIT, Surat. 

June'19 -May'20

Managing Director

Student chapter of

NIT, Surat. 


Chief Technical advisor &

Creative Head

NIT, Surat. 


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Innovation Head

Phoenix Racing, SAE

NIT, Surat. 


1. Training & Placement Coordinator

June'19- May'20

  • Accountable for management of company visits & Finding opportunities for fellow batch mates,

  • Orchestrated towards the goal of expanding the T&P network while communicating with the company’s representatives.

  • Administered and consolidated a team of 50 students, sharing knowledge by organizing workshop and study jams on contemporary topics.

  • CO-founded ‘Yantrika’ (Translation- Machines) subdivision to promote projects in the core field of electrical and mechanical.

  • Conducted two workshops on Graphic Designing & VFX, and one workshop on the Internet of things.

Cutting Edge visionaries was established by a group of few thinkers who believed in innovation and later it was expanded covering every aspect of science and culture. We started many events which can increase entrepreneurial spirit and help the nation to build a better future. We abridge the communication gap between our students and our alumni as well as experts in their respective field. CEV provides a platform to burnish skill and learn from experts all over the country. CEV, an esteemed student chapter of NIT surat is all about networking and learning. An open platform for everyone to show their skills and learn from others.





  • Spearheaded electronic team for research on the design of optimal radius condition visualizer for a dashboard, that work based on previous lap performance with other few systems focused on vehicle safety and optimum driving for innovation competition as a part of 6th GKDC.

  • Brought the best Innovation award to a team in 6th GKDC along with 7 other awards for same including fastest skidpad, best endurance etc.

After the failure of 1 year in SAE Supra, SAE decided to go electric in 2018, and that's when I joined team phoenix. I have worked on many things, from electric power train to designing of an entire electronic circuit in our GO-kart. We were the team of 25 from which only 4 members were electrical, and it was challenging for us to complete that work within a few months. During the day we had attended classes, and in the night we worked on the project. This was the only chance we had, to prove our student chapter and provide a legacy to it, with a very constrained budget. We started working with the calculation of power required and after those exhaustive calculations, we moved on to battery and motor. We have designed sequential logic circuits for start, stop and safety protocols as mentioned in the rule book. After completing the core part I moved on to Electronic section where development of CAN bus communication took more than a month only to resolve the communication issue between sensors and different module. In the electronics section, I also took care of Innovation.


Finally, our efforts paid off. We won the title of CHAMPION in 6th GKDC. Including other 6 Awards.

- Best Innovation Award        - Best Design Award                - Best Driver Award

- Fastest skidpad Award        - Fastest Autocross Award     - Endurance Award.

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Winner of National Electric Go-Kart Design Challenge (6th GKDC)



  • Provided platform to share knowledge with talk and discussion panel.

  •  Assisted more than 10+ projects, designed in a club.

  • Mentored many students in learning graphic designing and provide insight into being an entrepreneur.

Electrical Engineering society focuses on practical knowledge and organizes different competitions, Talks and industrial visits for the entire department. During these 3 years, we have helped many students in their projects and had invited many speakers for technological discourse and debate. EES has taught me the skill to deal with different personality and how to penetrate the corporate world from insides. We are working towards technical advancement by mentoring different projects of our colleagues.

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